What’s the problem with LeBron James?

5 hits out of 16, 5 missed three-pointers out of 5, and 7 losses … These are LeBron James’s stats in the first match of the Eastern Conference Final against Boston. Indicator plus or minus “-32” – the worst in the team, and with a hell of a gap.
It was clear that Boston manager Brad Stevens would put a special emphasis on defense against James. The whole team had to defend themselves. And here’s luck: the Celtics are generally the friendliest guys in the NBA. Modern musketeers who, as we all know, are one for all and all for one.
An experienced striker Marcus Morris for the first time in his career appeared in the starting lineup in the playoffs, willingly accepted the contact play of James. And he at least slowed down the King.
At the same time, “Boston” was desperately hitting the target: the hosts succeeded in the first spurt, 17: 0, and at that moment absolutely all “Celts” were involved in the attack.
LeBron, who practically did not receive the ball in the first minutes, decided to take matters into his own hands and completely switched to point guard mode. It seemed that he was checking the readiness of partners, looking closely. Knowing LeBron, even -20 didn’t look like a verdict for the Cavs.

Source: complex.com