Which Boston players are quarantined?

​​Five Boston Celtics players have been subject to NBA quarantine protocols. Defenders Sijay Miles, forwards Aaron Nesmith and Justin Jackson, center Enes Freedom and Bruno Fernando are forced to go to quarantine.
In total, up to 12 basketball players will not help the Celts in the match against Milwaukee due to quarantine protocols.
The main stars of the Celtics are Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown. The Celtics associate their future with these two young players. Tatum is a versatile forward, the best scorer of the team, good in many aspects of the game, the main star of the team. Brown – plays as an attacking defender, the team’s second scorer and Tatum’s main assistant.
In the Boston Celtics, there are a number of young players that management is hoping for and with whom certain hopes are pinned.
Romeo Langford – there is a lot of talk about him, but due to numerous injuries in the case, no one really saw him. The 2021-22 season should be a defining one for Langford, will he be able to get some kind of role in the team, or will not live up to expectations.
Payton Pritchard is a young point guard. Last year was his debut year and at times he showed a good game.
After 32 games, Boston is ranked seventh in the NBA Eastern Conference standings.

Source: sportsnaut.com